Nicole Douglass is a writer from Massachusetts. She was born in Boston and raised in many of the city’s suburbs. Her childhood experiences inform many of her interests and talents.

In 2010, she earned an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies. A longtime lover of words, she matriculated to Salem State University where, in 2013, she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science. During her three years at Salem State University, she was inducted to several honor societies, earned scholarships and awards, and also published a column with the University’s magazine, Red Skies.

Nicole has devoted many hours to charity work and public service. She has served as a volunteer reporter, photographer, and videographer for many local youth programs and veteran groups. In April 2017, she was elected to serve a three-year term as a town meeting representative.

She has a variety of interests including politics, mental health and wellness, running, science, cooking, and nutrition. She competed in the 29th Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon on October 22, 2017, completing the race in 5:31:56.2.

She lives in the Merrimack Valley with her husband, three children, her cat, Nathaniel Pawthorne, and her dog, ChloƩ.