Spring 2012, Nicole Douglass was awarded the Presidential Arts Scholarship for Creative Writing by the Salem State University Center for the Arts.

“Take Time for Art”
Salem State University Center for the Arts


Spring 2012, Nicole Douglass was inducgted into Phi Kappa Phi due to her sound character and extraordinary work at Salem State University.

“Let the love of learning rule humanity”
Phi Kappa Phi




Fall 2012, Nicole Douglass accepted an invitation to Sigma Tau Delta Psi Tau Chapter at Salem State University.  Sigma Tau Delta is an International English Honor Society.

“Sincerity, Truth, Design”
Sigma Tau Delta




Pi Sigma Alpha

Spring 2013, Nicole Douglass was inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha’s Rho Sigma chapter.  Pi Sigma Alpha is a National Political Science Honor Society.

Pi Sigma Alpha




Nicole is the kind of editor I wish I was. Not only does she genuinely care about the piece but she is also willing to do the extra work and research solutions to any problem she might find. I’ll never forget how she found three different, but acceptable, spellings for OK because I used the word once in a 21,000 word piece.

Whatever the task may be, Nicole is well prepared to handle it. Of that, I have no doubt.”

–Joseph Benavidez, Have Tea With Me

Nicole Douglass honors the most important quality of a professional: she delivers. Her work is elegant without being flowery, informative without being stark, and is written in prose as clear as spring water. She is a first-class collaborator, flexible and creative.”

— Perry Glasser, Coordinator of Professional Writing at Salem State University and Chief of Operations of North Shore Editorial Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Nicole Douglass as a fellow student in the Professional Writing department of Salem State University. Her feedback on my writing was helpful because it was honest and accurate. After reading her View from the Trailer Park excerpts on Red Skies, I trusted her completely with giving me feedback because her excellent writing indicates that she knows how to be grammatical, stylistic and interesting. If given the opportunity to work with her again, I would not hesitate.”

— Cassandra Sprague of Creativity at Work